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We are loacted at 22 Churchfield, Road, Acton, London, W3 6EG

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"I have a vintage clothing business that often requires great knowledge and instinct dealing with older and often more fragile clothes . I have never been disappointed with the quality of service which is 5 ⭐️. The service is fabulous and I feel the prices are reasonable for the quality . I always recommend."

"They are splendid dry cleaners who always take good care of my cherished dresses."

"I was recommended Pearl's by a friend who has been using them for years. I have used numerous services with them including dry cleaning, bag repair and clothing alterations. Nish is very friendly and helpful. I've found that he always advises what's best for the customer, even if it means them spending less. The alterations I had done on clothing were beautifully done and were nowhere near as expensive as I thought they would be.
They also managed to salvage a bag that I thought was a lost cause.  Highly recommended!"

"Nish @ Pearls Dry Cleaners (Acton Central, London W3) is a gem. Goes above & beyond to ensure a timely and professional & customer service. Alterations and shoe repair also offered at a reasonable price & quality."

"Nish is really great and gives you good information. He told me how to use the dyes he sells safely, in my washing machine. The clothes came out fantastic with no dye left in the machine, so my washing was fine afterwards. He'll honestly tell you if a stain can be removed from your clothing. His prices are fair. I had some expensive heavy silk curtains altered and they fit the windows perfectly. Nish told me how to measure everything. If you measure the curtains themselves, for another job I had, you measure the bottom, not the top where they are crinkled. His moth products work well too. He's a friendly guy and takes time with you. I wouldn't go anywhere else, even if I moved house!"

"We are extremely fortunate to have Nish and his attention to detail on our doorstep. The fact that people were coming from outside the area before lockdown is testament. So too is that the business is so much a part of the community. Nothing more to add as it speaks for itself."

"I couldn’t recommend Pearls more, been using them for many years with outstanding customer service, welcoming staff and environment. Pearls have always given me honest advice when it’s come to any and all dry cleaning needs."

"I love this place. The staff are super efficient and friendly and really add to the sense of community in Acton. They provide a wide range of stuff for sale, as well, like moth-proofing and stain removing, to help take care of your clothes, and always have advice and a cheery word."

"We needed some alterations done and Pearls Drycleaners did a great job. The service was professional, fast and the quality of work was great. Don’t think I’ve had such an experience at a dry cleaners before so we are definitely going back. Thanks guys."

"Nish and his team provide an extremely high standard of cleaning and finishing for all our garments. Always excellent service and we wouldn't go anywhere else."

“Excellent service- they managed to remove most of the stains and told me what they hadn't been able to do and why. I like that honesty and engagement!”

“I use Pearls for all my dry cleaning - in particular the shirt service and dry cleaning of suits is outstanding, shirts are on a fast turn around and i have a system of 7 in 7 out. My shirts are very tricky to iron and Pearls returns them perfectly, I also find that my shirts need replacing less often compared to when I used to wash and iron my own.”

“Very Polite, very honest and always gets the job done. Really happy with he service 100% recommended!!”

“Top mark's, great service. I've been using Pearls for over 6 years now because of their personal touch and attention to detail. Well done Nish and the team.”

“I love this place, excellent job every time. The guy on reception is so friendly and nice I only go here just because of him. Excellent customer service and highly professional. Thank you for your great service!” Ammar - October 2018

“Reasonable and excellent leather repair.”

“Great service! Lovely friendly people and they did a massive laundry service for us as well.”

“Always cheerful, polite and welcoming.  Always does a good job"

“We use Pearls every week. They are professional and friendly, and get the jobs done properly, efficiently & at a fair price. All anyone could ask for really!”

"Sooo many thank yous to the amazing proprietor of 'Pearls Dry Cleaning' in Churchfield Road. Normally the experience is 'over and above' anyway but bless him, I put my daughter's coat into Pearls but forgot to check the pockets! We thought she'd dropped it/lost it somewhere. Low and behold, phone call from Pearls first thing this morning... he'd found the purse. Love you Pearls.”

“Took my handbag in to get a quote for a new zipper. Pearls called me to say they'd been fiddling with the existing zipper and got it back on the runners, come and collect it with no charge! Fabulous service, trustworthy and friendly!”

““They give lots of good advice never take in anything they cannot clean properly like some dry cleaners. if I wash certain stains in my washing machine they will tell me if it can be dry cleaned, or if I have made it impossible by washing it first myself. So they do not just take your stuff & blame you afterwards. I take things to be dry cleaned first, if I have a stain. I will only give it a go myself if I am not bothered about the stain remaining after dry cleaning because I washed it in water first and ‘set’ the stain. People drive for miles to get their dyes. I am not surprised! I was scared to put them in my washing machine, but they told me what to do. My clothes now have a new lease of life in a different in colour! And, if you follow their instructions, nothing will be harmed by the dyes when you use your washing machine again later.”